Programs and Initiatives

Ever wonder what LCI is up to? Below is a list of our current programs.  To learn more about each, click on the title of the program in which you are interested.  In addition to these programs and initiatives, LCI is actively involved with forming effective partnerships and productive dialogues to accomplish our shared mission of a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Champlain.
Click here to CONTACT US if you are looking for a guest speaker to engage your audience with water and/or fisheries issues. We are always excited to have discussions about our important water resources!
Get Involved to Stop Pollution
BLUE® is an innovative, effective, simple, and fun program that certifies residential properties as watershed friendly, or BLUE®. To earn BLUE® certification, private property owners follow simple, yet scientifically accepted, practices that reduce water pollution runoff starting on their properties.
Fish and Flowers Rain Gardens
"Creating a rain garden in your lawn will help fish thrive in Lake Champlain!"
This alert system notifies you when a rain storm or big snow-melt is on the way. With this knowledge, you can be sure that your gutter downspouts and other proeprty features are ensuring that water pollution runoff is soaking into the ground and not making its way into a stormdrain or stream, river, or lake.
Adopt one or two tips per week to help reduce water pollution in Lake Champlain.  Featured in the Burlington Free Press Sunday paper and on their website.
Youth Education & Outreach
The best way to get your kid started on fishing! Sign up and Bobber Bob will send your child everything they need to get involved with fishing, including a rod and reel, fishing tackle, and how-to guides! In return, your support will help us continue our successful Lake Champlain conservation efforts. It's a total win-win!
The Let’s Go Fishing (LGF) Program is a partnership between the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department and LCI to train a network of volunteers to teach and encourage young people and their families how to fish. LGF believes that fishing is about more than just catching fish; it’s a lifetime hobby to be shared.
Getting our youth excited about protecting and making a personal connection with our lake through the fishing heritage.
Fishing Club Grant Program
The LCI Fishing Club Grant Program is funded by Lake Champlain International, Inc., and is designed to encourage after school programs that provide schools the opportunity to organize a group of students and increase their outdoor participation through fishing.
Fishing for Friends Mentorship Program
Lake Champlain International, Inc. and HowardCenter's Community Friends Mentoring have partnered to create the Fishing For Friends program.
Fisheries Restoration
Champlain Fisheries Recovery Initiative
To accelerate the recovery of Lake Champlain's historically premier fisheries, Lake Champlain International, Inc. has established the Champlain Fisheries Recovery Fund.
Helping ensure the continuation of successful lamprey control treatments and the removal of the Swanton Dam. Sign the petitions today!
Researching the most pressing and important issues to help the recovery of Lake Champlain’s vital fisheries.  Former VT Fish & Wildlife Commissioner and biologist Wayne Laroche leads the way.